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Hillary Sheffer, 2018 Ohio Chapter Chair

Message from Chair

April showers, bring May Flowers!  Each May, Ohio becomes alive with new life as winter finally becomes spring.  This year we have been making a few small changes including put out a monthly newsletter/communications.  As part of this change we are going to introduce a getting to you know section.  This section will spotlight a member or a committee to help us to become better acquainted with each other and to share insights.

So to get this started…Some insight for the Chair…

Each May the state of Ohio becomes alive with new growth.  It is a rule around here that you should wait till Mother’s Day to plant your flowers or you will potentially have to bring them inside to protect from frost.  I look at it as a chance to reimagine your garden or maybe even yourself.  One of the “interesting facts” that I often share about myself is that between the starting with 6th grade up till I reached 11th grade, I had the opportunity to change schools every year.  Although, most people would cringe at this, I took it as an opportunity to reinvent myself.

All this moving around happened either because it was time to leave middle school and go to Jr. High or because my family moved.  Looking back, I see that this was actually very good for me.  If I had been the typical individual who grew up with the same group of friends in the same neighborhood, I would not have been as forthright as I am.  It helped me to come out of my shell and not be the wall flower I know I would have been.  I will admit that it is still easy to slip into that “Wall Flower”.  Therefore with each new challenge, opportunity or ask that comes my way I focus on not being a “Wall Flower” but a flower that is in new bloom.

“Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” – Christopher Robins

Best Regards,
Hillary Sheffer
2018 Chair- Ohio WiNUP Chapter Chair

“Striving to Succeed – Powering the tools and connections needed to make the most out of one’s career”


May 2018 Ohio Chapter Newsletter