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Welcome to Ohio Chapter of WiNUP                      


Lindsay Chambers, 2017 Ohio Chapter Chair

My fellow WiNUP Ohio Chapter members, this year has seemed like a train charging full speed ahead that is going through the mountains filled with various emotions.  My heart smiles for all of the members getting promoted to new positions as they are most deserving. At the same, I am concerned when I hear others are still seeking where their next home will be in our industry and how they will support their families.  TransCanada acquired Columbia Pipeline Group approximately a year ago and we have some members that are still seeking employment as their time comes to an end.  Please see the Ohio Chapter updates for more information on the TransCanada acquisition and how WiNUP is lending a hand.

2017 WiNUP International Conference planning is also full speed ahead, and the planning committees are really giving some time and energy into making this event one of the best, if not the best yet! More information on the Conference and
volunteering opportunities are detailed in the Ohio chapter updates.

Our Chapter’s 2017 program calendar focus has been geared around “Developing Your Passion to Empower Your Future!” and we have already had some exciting events, but this summer is sure to delight! We have our June Networking Dinner Workshop, a Self Defense Class, and “The Voice of the Customer” luncheon hosted at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank with an opportunity to volunteer in the afternoon. There is so much more to come as we wrap up the year.

2018 Chapter and Board Elections are right around the corner and we are seeking those interested in developing leadership skills, fueling their performance plans, and seizing the opportunity in running for a board position at the Chapter or International level. Please let me know if you have any interest in seeing what doors can be opened by viewing WiNUP through a different lens. If you are not ready to take on a board positon, please consider chairing a committee, such as membership.

In closing, as you review your mid-year accomplishments, take the time to really
reflect on your personal contributions. Tonya Tiggett, owner of Speak Our Language, shared a story with me regarding a female professional that always focused on her team’s efforts and success, while she was the one that was working the long hours, making the deadlines, and going the extra mile. Since this fine individual did not spend the time taking credit for her personal efforts, she was very upset when she received a poor review at the end of the year. When she took a step back to reflect on how others perceived her, she realized that she was raised to believe that “a lady speaks when spoken to”, that achievements as a team were to be commended, and that it was impolite to boast. Her career had suffered because of these perceptions. So, let your voice be heard, acknowledge your contributions, and live life to the fullest with grace. It is my desire to see you ALL individually achieve success in every facet of your life! Life is precious; do not let it pass you by!

Lindsay Chambers, 2017 Ohio Chapter Chair

2nd Quarter 2017 Ohio Chapter Newletter