WiNUP OH Chapter AEP Parking Directions
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AEP Visitor Parking Directions in the Assigned Garage

  1. AEP Headquarters is located at 1 Riverside Plaza, Columbus Ohio 43215.

  2. Traveling West on Spring Street cross Marconi Blvd., from the left hand lane, enter the attached garage on the left.

  3. Give your name to the security guard or if the guard is not there push the red button on the call box, they will check their visitor list and allow you access into the garage.

  4. Visitor parking is located to the right, (marked D-054 through D-086 even numbers only) on that level.

  5. Proceed up the short flight of steps, cross the garage to the building entrance and proceed through two sets of double doors to the lobby entrance.

  6. At the turn stiles you will need to give your name and proceed to lobby receptionist desk (located in the center of the lobby) and sign in.

  7. Your contact person will be notified of your arrival and will escort you to your meeting destination.