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AEP Contributions & Membership Funding Initiative

AEP’s Contributions and Memberships committee has offered to pay WiNUP’s annual membership fee for AEP Service Corporation employees joining or renewing their WiNUP membership.  The Ohio Chapter has encouraged Operating Company management to follow this as well, but that is on a case by case basis. Operating Company employees should approach their managers directly for funding membership costs.

The guidelines below were created by the Ohio Chapter Officers as the minimum requirements for individuals who wish to seek funding for WiNUP Membership fees. 

AEP Service Corporation employees wishing to participate in the funding initiative would agree to:

Attend 50 percent or six meetings per year, whichever is less.  Meetings will be defined as:

Ø      General Membership Meeting/Business Meeting

Ø      Lunch Meeting

Ø      Dinner Meeting

Ø      Committee Meetings/Events

AND actively participate on one committee in the membership year.  The definition of active participation will be defined by the interpretation of the committee chair.  Or become active in any of the following roles:

Ø      Chapter Committee Chair

Ø      Chapter Officer

Ø      International Committee Member

Ø      International Officer

 Note:  The intent of this initiative is to provide additional support to the WiNUP organization by giving individuals the opportunity for membership in an organization that promotes networking, mentoring, and professional development.

**In order to be funded next year by the initiative, the above guidelines must be met. WiNUP will not ask for reimbursement from members not meeting the above criteria for the year, although they will be ineligible to receive funding the following year. If you have questions please contact Rebecca Coleman at

Updated: Dec 8, 2012