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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Complete a member application. Send the completed application with the yearly dues ($76 for renewing members and $82 for new members) the Chapter Treasurer. Or apply online if participating in the AEP or NiSource Funding Initiative 

What are the yearly Dues?

New Members:$82

Renewing Members:$76

Dues consist of the International Dues of $66, the Chapter Dues of $10, and for new members a one time initiation fee of $6 which will go into the Scholarship Funds.

AEP Employees

AEP will sponsor your WiNUP Membership for 2017. Being sponsored through the AEP Funding Initiative is easy. Check out the funding guidelines for the details.

What is the the time commitment?

The time commitment varies to what you want to get out of your involvement.  There are various speaker events usually once a quarter. These are held either in the evening or during lunch time. There are also various committees that you can become involved. 

Do I have to be an AEP employee to join?

No, even though many of our members are AEP employees.  We also have members from other companies. 

Will it be difficult for me to participate if I'm not located in Downtown Columbus?

No. While we have a lot of meetings at AEP's 1 RP facility, we also hold meetings elsewhere. We are always looking for places to hold meetings and learn about other facilities so we welcome any input you might have. Also a lot of our meetings are available through conference calls, so being a part of the organization doesn't mean you have to be located in Downtown Columbus.

Is this organization only open to women?

No, men are more than welcome to join WiNUP

Is it too late to have AEP sponsor me to join?

 No. The funding initiative is now open during the entire year for AEP employees. Please review the funding guidelines, and fill out a new membership application.

Do I have to pay the money back if I joined through the AEP Funding Initiative, and did not meet the guidelines?

No. If for some reason you find you can not meet the guidelines, we will not ask you to pay us back for membership fees. However, this will make you ineligible to be a part of the initiative for the next year. You can still be a member, but AEP will not sponsor your following years dues.